Saturday, 7 February 2015

They find pleasure in seeing you tear apart, they live to see you suffer, they feed off your pain- so be careful who you share it all with- 'my worry for his pain'

Worry has seeped through the cracks that the destruction of adoration, freedom and contentment left behind; and I am here, left alone to face it all with no-one to turn to for support. No-one to confirm the safety of my love. Only the existence of those who decide it is their duty to determine if I do indeed love this angel or not, they run their mouths without the knowledge of anything we have been through, yet they claim they know it all and continue to state that it cannot be love. But the fact is they don’t even correctly know the duration of our life together so far. There are just something’s that are no-body’s business; something’s that no soul needs to neither know neither hear nor read about. Something’s are just mine- sharing isn’t always caring, sometimes it subjects you to get wounded by the bullets of all their mouths and killed by the artilleries of their actions.

They often secrete behind a facet nothing like theirs, you trust them; and that’s when they will strike you to the utmost power within them, in your time of need. It’s all happening to me. I am still unaware of the condition my love lies in. I can only hope he is safe, free from harm and no evil will ever come of him. I have yet to hear his state. The worry is consuming my every breath- soon there shall be no breath left untouched by this gut wrenching  feeling,  when that occurs matters shall be taken into the hands of only love.

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