Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Have you ever wondered what love was? Well here is your answer this is what 'Love Is' this one is called 'Love Is'

Love is a friendship set on fire
love is a one’s only desire
love is what keeps us forever aiming higher
And love is a river that drowns the tender reed
love is an endless aching need
love is a feeling which in its absence causes hearts to bleed
love is the only one feeling with the power to end our creed
love is a flower and you its only seed
Love is music to one’s ear
love is the one telling you what you want to hear
love is a car one that both of us can steer
Love is a heart that’s afraid of breaking
Love is a dream afraid of waking
love never learns to live
love will always take and forever give
love is a song
love only sits and waits for you to sing along
love is a soul afraid of dying
love is a mother to us all
love will shield us from these crumbling walls
love will pick us up is we fall
love is a pit of only the content of two beings within
Love is an open heart
love offers no finish line just a place to start
love is a long road we someday have to face
love is someone’s sweet embrace
love is more than just a beautiful face
love is a burning fire
love shelters you from the bitter snow
love is not a flower
love is not a bead
love if not taken seriously can cause your heart to bleed

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