Wednesday, 11 June 2014

With One there is someone but with someone is no-one with one we can chose to run and with one no-one can see the sun- this one is called 'With One'

With one
only one
the only one
my one
his one
our one
with one word
with one touch
with one kiss
with one hug
just one seals our agreement
one portrays
the love
our minds would rather devour than convey
with one there can then be a two
with two hearts will forever be stuck like glue
there will forever be me and you
you are my one
forever I desire to be with my one and only one
I am your one
with one I have a ring
with one like a nightingale I sing
with one I care about nothing
and with one I care about something
with one I care about no one
and with one I care about everyone
but with everyone
I care about no one
with everything I have nothing
if I don’t have you
with two I have you.

But without one there is no two
and with out two I cannot have you
It all starts with one and only one
beautiful one
it all starts with one 

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